Community Enhancement Team 


The TMNA Community Enhancement Team is a vibrant group dedicated to elevating the experience of living in ourcommunity while also promoting growth in the long term value of our homes.  Our history is rooted in the  Beautification Committee where our main focus, as the name suggests, was beautification. Over the years, trees have been planted, trash has been picked up, flags have been flown and signs have been built, maintained and changed. But, in recent years, Timbergrove has experienced a renaissance of sorts, and it has become apparent that our neighborhood could be enhanced by many activities that reach beyond simply beautifying our common areas.  So with that objective in mind, we reinvented the Beautification Committee in the summer of 2013 with a new name and a new mission.  The newly branded Community Enhancement Team was established with the objective of identifying opportunities to bring our neighbors together to improve our day-to-day quality of life through social activities, fund raisers and last but not least, beautification efforts.

Our agenda currently includes organizing annual neighborhood social events such as the Halloween Extravaganza and the Spring Fling, spearheading the Timbergrove Yard of the Month awards and the monthly Green Clean efforts, as well as assisting with various fund raising activities.  Our highest priority fundraising initiative is to enhance Timbergrove’s esplanades.  The committee would like for the neighborhood to adopt all three esplanades; a project which will include irrigation, landscape architecture and ongoing maintenance.

If you’d like to get involved, contact the committee chairperson, or plan to attend one of our monthly meetings which are held on the third Wednesday of each month at a committee member’s home. If you would like to make a donation, you can do so by clicking the yellow button on the left. Keep an eye on the TMNA newsletter and/or the website for current initiatives as well as monthly meeting times and locations.

If you’re not able to volunteer your time, but would like to make a financial contribution to the Community Enhancement Team’s efforts, you can send a check to the TMNA P.O. Box 7723, Houston, Texas 77270. Working together, we have the power to build a strong sense of community, while bolstering the value of our homes and having a little fun along to way!


Help the CET With a Dontation


Another easy way to get involved is to join in the GREEN CLEAN effort. GREEN CLEAN takes place periodically every few months. Look for an announcement via Facebook, Nextdoor or through our neighborhood newsletter. The GREEN CLEANS were established with the objective of bringing together neighbors to tidy up our esplanades and planters in between the mid-month maintenance that is done by Brave Landscaping.

On a typical GREEN CLEAN Saturday, we will pick up trash and fallen branches, mow grass along 11th Street and TC Jester, weed and trim shrubs at each of the three planters and prune the crape myrtles that line 11th Street.

We begin each GREEN CLEAN at 8am, but come when you can, whether it is earlier or later. Just head out to an esplanade or planter and start working. If you can spare only 15 minutes, walk down and help out, or take that time to pick up some trash on your block. Items you may consider bringing are gloves, trash bag(s), clippers (large or small), mower, weed eater, sunscreen, water bottle and a hat.