Dian Street Villas | Just the Facts

Dian Street Villas | Just the Facts

About the Project

  • Owner/developer is Texas Inter-Faith Housing Corporation (TIF)
  • Developer still in process of trying to obtain funding from the city for this project.  This is not a “done deal”
  • Apartment complex will be a mixed income workforce housing development
  • Structure will be 4 stories – Parking on ground level and a 3 story apartment complex above parking area.
  • Lot size: 2.05 acres
  • Number of units: 108 total
    • Studio – 45 units
    • 1 bedroom – 45 units
    • 2 bedroom – 12 units
    • 3 bedroom – 6 units
  • Parking: 155 spaces total
    • 136 inside gated area
    • 19 outside of gated area
  • Storm water & Floodplain mitigation:
    • Limited grading & fill
    • Storm water detention
    • Additional mitigating detention (we are working to get specific details & commitments on what this means)
  • Traffic Control:
    • Road Humps (we are working on getting specific locations & commitments for this)
    • Developer working with city on traffic mitigation (stop signs, street striping, speed bumps).

NOTE: If this development does not go thru there are two independent builders in line who want to purchase this property and put 40 townhomes total in this space. 

How the Dian Street Project Started

Since 2018, the City of Houston and HUD (US Department of Housing and Urban Development) reached an agreement to implement an objective scoring process that would remove City Council Member’s ability to randomly choose projects to include or exclude in the application slate.

The City of Houston (COH) is under a legally binding compliance agreement with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, which requires an objective scoring process for housing tax credit applications (i.e. low/mixed income housing options spread equally thru each district within the COH).

COH tax credits are allocated by the state of Texas. Receiving a resolution of support from COH provides points for the application in the state’s scoring process, but does not secure/approve the actual tax credits.

Council Member Abbie Kamin did neither submit a letter of support (LOS) for this project nor was she asked to submit a LOS.

State Representative Anna Eastman did write a letter of support.

On 2/19/20, Houston City Council voted on a Resolution of Support for all 20 applications for low/mixed income housing to send on to the State of Texas for TDHCA housing credits.

The 20 applications approved by City Council represent the 20 projects recommended by the city’s Housing Department per its objective scoring process.

By the end of June, the city will announce which projects get funded for CDG-BR credits.

TDHCA funding will be approved by the end of July by the State of Texas.

On July 30 the builder will find out if they get tax credits for a mixed income property.

Online Community Meeting – May 13th @ 6PM

Texas Inter-Faith housing developer will answer questions from the surrounding communities (Clark Pines, Shady Acres, & TMNA)

The Zoom Meeting Link (5/13):

Have Questions You Want Answered?

Email us at DianStreetVillas@gmail.com by Saturday, May 9th. Please be respectful. Constructive questions only.

Questions will be consolidated, compiled & submitted to Developer prior to the May 13th meeting.


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