Deed Restriction Compliance Committee (DRCC)


In 2002 the property owners of Timbergrove Manor realized the original deed restrictions written in 1951 would not meet the demands of a neighborhood that was faced with changing demographics brought on by a desire to be closer to downtown. Rising property values coupled with Timbergrove Manor’s ideal geographic location make it a very desirable place to live. With broad support from all four sections they approved an updated document that effectively managed all phases of improvements from remodeling to new construction.

The Deed Restriction Compliance Committee is made up of 5 members elected by fellow property owners. Each member is elected to a two year term and is tasked with enforcing all restrictions, covenants, conditions, stipulations and reservations contained in the restrictions.

One of our priorities is to encourage neighbors to contact us with questions to resolve deed restriction issues before they create a problem. When possible we also assist and facilitate neighbors working together to resolve issues and concerns. Finally, we work closely with the City of Houston Legal Department, Justice of the Peace Courts, and the Harris County Attorney to consistently enforce the deed restrictions in a fair manner and preserve the integrity of this great neighborhood.

With an eye on the future and preserving the best of the past we endeavor to make our decisions keeping the ideal of “harmony and conformity” in mind.


Download a Copy of the Timbergrove Manor Deed Restriction Here