Former President’s Report

Former President’s Report

written by: Tim Hassett

I might as well get right to the point – we need someone to step up and volunteer to take on the position of president of our neighborhood association. My term ended two months ago and the position has been vacant ever since. While I thoroughly enjoyed my tenure as president, our by-laws limit officers to serving no more than two years in a position and my time is up. Currently the other members of the TMNA Executive Committee are sharing the responsibilities of president in addition to the roles of their own positions – this is highly unfair to them.

For anyone who has considered getting more involved in the “goings on” of our neighborhood, this is your opportunity. Don’t let the title of “president” intimidate you. While there are certainly responsibilities that go with the position, the reality is that there is a fantastic group of dedicated volunteers to support you. The other Executive Committee members are all veterans and extremely committed; our Community Enhancement Team is highly active and motivated; and we have a band of energetic volunteers that tackle the big events like Halloween, Spring Fling and the incoming “Run the Grove” 5k run. You couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with ( and live next to!).

So what do you say? Certainly in a neighborhood of more than 400 households, there must be one or two additional individuals willing to give back to their community. If you are interested or want to talk about it, contact me here. Thanks!


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