President’s Report – 09.20

President’s Report – 09.20

by Michael Norvell -

The TMNA’s new and much-improved website is up and running, and it is fantastic!  Many, many thanks to TMNA’s own Kimberly Elliott, who has been the creative mind (and hands) behind this incredible transformation.  Visit today to enjoy her hard work.

The enhanced web site features an array of resources that are available for use now.  First, we can arrange and pay for our TMNA membership dues, or make other financial contributions, using PayPal—just go to the “Join TMNA” section.  Also, under “About – Homeowner Resources,” we have information and important resources consolidated onto a single page.  This includes links to sign up for TMNA news and reminder blasts, our crime alerts, and welcome packets for our newly arrived neighbors.  Also, this is where you can access copies of the most recent by-laws, deed restrictions, the TMNA map, as well as information on recycling and burglary prevention.  Really, it’s everything a TMNA neighbor needs to know—in one place, ready to view and use.

The website also features a News and Events section for the latest on TMNA and local area developments.  Note that TMNA welcomes contributing authors (of all ages)!  If you think there is an issue that our neighbors should know about, please write up a brief article and send it to any one of our committee members.  Also, TMNA is in the process of collecting historic photos of the neighborhood’s growth over its many years.  We are asking for any images you may have of neighbors, homes or development that capture the rich history of this area.  Ultimately, these photos will be collected and posted for everyone’s enjoyment on the website.

Have questions?  Whether your question regards the website, or TMNA in general, a questions field can be found at the bottom of every website page.


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