Quick Review

Quick Review

By Sharon Balke - 

Each time I drop a can, plastic container or newspaper in my new green recycling bin, I enjoy the feeling of doing “what’s right”.  They were a long time in coming but are worth the wait.

I have had a couple of residents ask me if yard clippings are accepted in the recycling bin.  No!  On the lid of my bin, and I’m sure on everyone else’s, there is a list of appropriate articles for recycling.  Grass clippings are NOT one of these.  Grass clippings, small branches, etc. go in the bio-degradable bags which are picked up weekly rather than in the green bins.

What is allowed in the bins:

Tin, steel or aluminum cans

Glass bottles and jars of all colors (no light bulbs, etc.) rinsed

All paper (cardboard, waxed cartons, newspaper, junk mail, magazines, yadda, yadda, yadda)

Plastics with recycling codes #1-5 and #7, NO code #6 (Polystyrene/ Styrofoam)

What is NOT allowed in the bins:

Any plant material, grass clippings, twigs, etc.

Number 6 plastic/ Styrofoam

Plastic bags


Household garbage

Recycle, make a difference…it’s your world, too.


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