Run the Grove 5K

Run the Grove 5K

by Tommy Britt - 

In the last couple of months progress on this event has taken place. The TMNA Executive Committee put its full support behind the effort and at the last membership meeting funds were allocated to hire a graphic designer, Timbergrove Manor resident Kimberly Elliott, to come up with a distinctive logo, a media packet and a sharp brochure/application.

I was hoping that by September we would be in full solicitation mode for corporate sponsors but that was held up until the new website was online. We couldn’t very well tell sponsors their logos and company name would be displayed on a web site that didn’t really exist yet. With that obstacle out of the way, we are now finalizing the graphic design. Quick peaks at the work she is doing is very exciting.

We also have had our application to reserve the West 11th Street Park approved by the City of Houston. The permit for the 5K, which will involve some temporary street closures, is still pending. We are working hard to meet all of the requirements that the city has. To that end, we also met with a representative of the Houston Police Dept. and he is working with us to develop a safe route for the runners.

This event will succeed or fail based on our ability to attract corporate sponsors. With that in mind, we are busy compiling a list of potential corporate sponsors. If you have any ideas along that line, I am all ears. In the meantime, anyone wanting to volunteer with this event , please contact me. Positions such as race marshals, garbage pickup, parking assistants, water stations, etc. will need to be filled. We look forward to hearing from interested neighbors willing to help.


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