Run the Grove Gets A Brand

Run the Grove Gets A Brand

By Tommy Britt -

After weeks of anticipation our event has finally got a logo. Timbergrove resident Kimberly Elliott did a fantastic job of preparing this for us. Unfortunately, she also submitted four other designs to choose from. All of them captured the spirit of the neighborhood and the event but in the end the support for this design was nearly unanimous. Great job Kim!

As the newsletter goes to print Kim is also in the final stages of preparing a media pack that includes posters, mailers and handouts. We are going over her first drafts now and tweaking some minor details. From what I’ve seen, I think you all will be impressed by the professional touch she has brought this project.

Of course, this event is dependent on corporate donors so our printed materials need a sharp look that engenders confidence that the neighborhood event they are being asked to help sponsor is a first class event. We want them to know that the same attention to detail we gave the preparation will be given to their good names. Of course details slow things down, but we are determined to do this right so the foundation we build will carry this event through the years ahead.

It also has become abundantly clear that the seven people who signed on to get the event started were not enough to see the project through. Suzanne Driskill’s Community Enhancement Team committee members have been added to the roster. My first couple of meetings with them leaves me no doubt that my problem is not going to be finding enthusiastic and talented people. As soon as the Halloween Festival is done I should be able to get their full attention and start the serious work of organizing the event with able committee chairs.

Speaking of Halloween, look for the Run the Grove booth on the night of the festival. There will be printed material about the 5-K and volunteer sign up opportunities. Next to corporate sponsors this thing doesn’t move without volunteers. So sign up.

Special thanks to Anne and Ed Crocker, Skye Mansfield, Marjana Roach, Suzanne and Cory Driskill as well as my always patient wife, Judy. They are all continuing their help with the event but their willingness to volunteer their time over the last several month to get this idea off the ground really made the difference.



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