Speed Cushion Fundraiser

Speed Cushion Fundraiser

Have you ever seen a car careening down your street?  Ever screamed “SLOW DOWN” as a truck streaked by while you’re outside with your friends or family?  People who are cutting through our neighborhood do not live in TMNA, don’t know you, and don’t seem to slow down for kids, bikes or pedestrians with strollers and dogs.   It’s frustrating at best and dangerous at its worst.

We’ve petitioned the city for over 10 years (yes, you read that correctly) for Wynnwood Lane and Bay Oaks to get speed cushions to slow cut thru traffic from Shady Acres, Clark Pines and now – possibly – Dian St Villas as well as the large apartment complexes going up off of Shepherd.  The road diet on Shepherd/Durham will also encourage folks to find alternate routes.  We are tired of waiting.

The folks on Wynnwood Lane have started a fundraiser to contribute to the cost of speed cushions.  Yard signs encouraging people to “DRIVE 25” are being sold to pay for speed cushions in our neighborhood.  The number of speed cushions we can afford to install will be dictated by the amount of money we raise.  We’re off to a solid start thanks to the generosity of several of the residents on Wynnwood.  By the end of the first week of fundraising, we collected $4,000.  Speed cushions aren’t cheap and while this is an exceptional start, we need quadruple that amount to make speed cushions a reality.  With your help – we can absolutely do it!

When/Where do I go to donate to this amazing cause? 

Friday, August 28:  4:30pm – 6:30pm
1114 Wynnwood Lane

How much are signs? 

That’s up to you!  Signs are being sold for a donation, but you’re not just buying a sign.  You’re donating to a great cause.

Thank you for being active participants in keeping Timbergrove the best place in Houston to live!

The Drive 25 Keep Kids Alive decals were generously donated by Mellisa Bauman.  This project would not be possible without her assistance!


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