The TMNA Quarterly Meeting is this Thursday (Jan. 23)

The TMNA Quarterly Meeting is this Thursday (Jan. 23)

January 23th | 6:30 @ Cactus Cove
(3333 W. 11th St.)

We invite all residents to please join us for the upcoming quarterly meeting this week. We will review the status of our sub-committee efforts and discuss plans for the upcoming year. Your participation is highly desired. It is our New Year’s resolution to generate excitement and get more of you involved.

Social time will start at 6:30 pm with the meeting to follow at 7:00 pm.

2020 Dues:
Amy Carter will be available at the meeting Thursday to collect 2020 dues payments if you’d like to pay in person and save a stamp. You can also pay online by clicking here. You will need to fill out the information form first and then will be redirected to the TMNA PayPal link for payment.

Lastly – a form will be going out in our February newsletter if you wish to wait and send it in via that method. As always we appreciate your support as it helps us maintain our neighborhood valves, esplanade maintenance, and quarterly social events among other things.

Ready to Pay your 2020 Dues? Click Here! 


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