Cat Mutilations in Timbergrove

Cat Mutilations in Timbergrove

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Overnight there was another cat mutilation in Timbergrove Manor (near 11th/TC Jester), discovered by pet owners in their front yard this morning.
Saw remains with my own eyes, an animal did not do this, definitely a human.

Police responded, including one of the investigators assigned to this ongoing crime. I don’t like posting these horrible incidents, but feel everyone needs to be aware. Awareness is what got the call to appropriate department within HPD and incident was handled as a crime, not just a dead cat for BARC to collect.

This makes incident no. 25 on my timeline and that’s not counting the dozens I’ve heard (since 2008) about but didn’t have enough info.

No need for anyone to say keeping cats inside will solve this problem. There are always going to be cats kept outside for people’s own reasons and they are not “asking for this to happen” as I’ve heard such comments.

Even if all cats in our area were suddenly locked inside, there is still a serious problem–there’s a very sick, cruel individual(s) roaming our neighborhood and properties in the middle of the night and I don’t think that’s ok.

Please report any tips to HPD @ 713-308-3100 and ask for Sgt. Gary Bender or Off. Suzanne Hollifield.

Anonymous tips can be made to Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS. There is a cash reward being offered (up to $9,690) as well as separate reward ($10,000) being offered through Craigslist ad by another recent pet owner/victim. I can be private messaged as well, via FB page directly on JUSTICE FOR MURDERED CATS IN HEIGHTS page. Also, I can be reached at 713-828-7165 or at

This must be stopped. Even if you don’t care about cats, we’ve got a psychopath who could very well move on to humans if not caught.


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