Good Things Come to Those That Wait

Good Things Come to Those That Wait

written by: Sharon Balke

By now all of you have received your green recycling cans. I catch myself saying green garbage cans but they are far from that. These cans will remove what some residents formerly tossed in the black garbage cans that ended up at the expensive landfills.

Thanks to everyone who wrote letters to city officials asking that we be placed on the program. Every letter, email and phone call told the City that Timbergrove was ready to do its part in helping the environment. I hope the few of you who never used your green bins will now get on the bandwagon with the rest of us.

Most of you received a letter telling you what to put in the can and when to set it at the curb, but strangely, not every can came with instructions so here is a short primer:

Anything you formerly put in the green bins now goes in the green cans in IN ADDITION TO GLASS. The literature I received didn’t specify any color limits to the glass but it can only be jars and bottles, not light bulbs, mirrors, ceramic, etc.

The items don’t have to be sorted or bundled, but rinsing the cans and bottles was stressed to keep the paper products clean. Please don’t rinse your cans and bottles and then put them, wet, into the bin without letting them drain. Wet paper is useless.

The city still won’t accept plastic bags, but most stores do, so that isn’t a problem. Used motor oil goes OUTSIDE the green can in a container with a screw top. You can only put out one gallon maximum per recycling pickup.

Styrofoam is still a no-no. Just try to reduce your use of it. Yard waste contaminates all recycling. Keep it separate in bundles or biodegradable bags beside the can.

Remember to leave three feet of space around the recycling cans just as you do around the black garbage cans. Our recycling dates haven’t changed. The  are still every OTHER Thursday. The next one is July 3rd which is also the first time we can use the recycling cans.

Please call me at (713) 862-8645 if you have any questions.  Recycle, make a difference… it’s your world, too.


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